Quick Start Challenge Week 4

Wow, I have learned so much.

I am a bit unsure of my blogging abilities, as I have seen some of my fellow challenge members blogs. They look so polished and spiffy, whilst mine looks like a journal. This is, however who I am. I was raised by people born between 1875 and 1913. I was born in 1956, My view of the world is colored by the norms and mores of a much older world, than the one I was born into, and it is still uncomfortable to put myself out there. I was taught to not draw attention to myself, to not cause a scene. Yet here I am, out here on the world-wide web doing just that. I am sure that someday my blog will be better as I learn more. right now I am concentrating on just putting myself out there and getting into the habit of regularly posting.

The subject this week for the quick start challenge, is traffic. how to get it, what to do with it once you have it. how to measure the traffic to our sites. I got the analytics working on my blog now and can see how many visitors I get. I am still reviewing the instruction video to make sure it is done right so it won’t blow up in my face.

Thank you for spending time with me,


6 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge Week 4”

  1. Hi….. Great post and a great Blog. Dont be so hard on yourself, I think your blog is clean, easy to read, uncluttered and a cut above those that have annoying popups, flashing banner ads and all the integrity of a sleazy second hand car salesman! But then I am only two years younger that you, so maybe its just a Grummpy Old Man thing!

    I think its a powerful message that you are putting out, that this is not simply a young persons’s world, the same opportunities that pesent temselves to the young and ambitious are also available to those who, though long in the tooth, have decided that its not to late to take control and change their lives.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I find your blog very inspiring. I also had a video on my original site, but took it down
    because it was bad. Plan to do another one soon. But keep up the good work and I am
    you will get you want to go.

  3. Hi Gwyn,

    I really enjoyed reading about the Quick Start Challenge in which you’re participating and learning how to create your own business online. The steps you’ve outlined are clear and structured and allow the complete beginner to learn the exact steps that you are taking. I look forward to reading more about your journey to creating an income online.

    Best wishes.

    Jo Thomson

  4. Hi Gwyn,

    I really enjoy your style – it easy to read, genuine and interesting. Perhaps is is our age (I am a few years older than you) but a clean and simple website like yours is much more appealing than those fancy flashing ones.

    I look forward to reading of your success online in future posts.

  5. This is a very uncluttered website which is not too bad a thing if you get nervous around sites which are too busy. Yes I understand the ethos of not putting yourself forward too much and stating to the world that you are about to grab it by the short and curlies. But It’s not necessarily bad to be self effacing and this country has been largely built on that attitude. I think one learns so much along the way that one had never thought to and it can take up a lot time dealing with little emergencies. Well there’s a saying in marketing that the guy who puts out the fire is usually the chief arsonist! ( I did not make that up!)Have fun.

  6. Hello Gwyn – I know Gwyn that many things in the online space can seem daunting, but it is obvious to me you have a nice style with words and descriptions. A great start and I am reminded of a saying that helped us. “Do what you do best, and partner for the rest.”
    I am encouraged by what you have set up.
    All the best

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